In the marketplace today, there are increasing demands on handling speed and performance of plastic drums.

Sidewall paneling is often caused by excessive top load, heat or induced vacuum. This issue creates very real cost and product integrity concerns, and reduces flexibility to meet customers’ needs.

At Greif, we’ve redesigned the customer experience and the architecture of the plastic drum. The NexDRUM™ resists paneling better than any other plastic drum through the use of an exclusive Greif technology.

By using the NexDRUM™ technology, customers have already seen their filling, storing and shipping costs reduce, and have also seen significant reductions in paneling, restacking and workplace safety hazards.

“We all serve a customer and their demands change because they have customers whose demands change. That’s a fact of life. What I needed was flexibility and speed to respond to changing needs,” said Siva Sambasavam, Manager of Operations, Delta, Baytown, Texas. “In the past when filling drums with heated product we had two challenges, we were slower to respond because product had to cool before we could close and prep the drum for shipment, and drums were more likely to panel. The NexDRUM solved both problems and provided me real cost savings. I can now fill, close and handle each drum one time. The drum is the strongest on the market and reduces paneling related to stacking weight and induced vacuum.  My customers like it because the package is an extension of their brand and paneled drums are both a headache for everyone and tarnish their brand image.”

Siva’s calculates his supply chain savings per drum below.

With the NexDRUM, customers get the benefit of a true ISO drum, a standard height, and benefits of improved speed.

For more information on the NexDRUM™ technology and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with your account manager today or visit us online at www.greif.com/contact.