Greif helps food and beverage customers reduce costs and extend shelf life.

“The tin plated drum was developed years ago to protect and extend the shelf life of food products, replacing stainless steel at one third of the cost,” explained Farrell Smith, Greif’s Plant Manager. “Today, with increasing sensitivity to contamination, higher purity requirements and more sensitive taste and odor specifications, tin drum demand is growing.”

The proven technology of Greif’s STERILPAC® tin-plated food drums mean reduced weight, drums that are fully recyclable, enhanced vacuum reduction and, most importantly, facilitate aseptic purity.

“I credit the drum’s appeal to Greif’s proprietary multi-layer barrier that provides extended shelf life and protection for the most stringent purity and safety applications. We ship these drums for all kinds of food and beverage applications, including essential oils, concentrates and peppers,” said Smith.

Greif is the leading manufacturer of these tin drums, making us the safest choice when it comes to food safety and purity.

Protect your ingredients and your brand. Contact a Greif representative today to discuss how our tin drums can uphold the integrity of your product.