In May 2016, the FPS plant in Vietnam began its own transformation.

The plant’s new director from Turkey, Ulas Ipek, worked closely with the sales team to identify what the plant leadership and team members needed to focus on to improve operations, and put in place a new standard of customer service and performance. This included increased training for staff, and quality improvement on special stitching.

These efforts have led to outstanding results. Lead times went from 8-9 weeks to now just 3-4 weeks. These efforts supported the improvements previously made in November 2014 when Vietnam FPS began operating in a new building with modern equipment. The facility now meets high hygiene standards and handles food approved production required by many customers. In addition, the new highly skilled in-house workforce maintains a complex product portfolio including cross-corner, form stable, and UN bags Type A, B and C FIBC.

“We developed and executed on a program that puts in place continual improvement to make it simple for our customers to get the best product, and services for their specialty needs. The team pulled together with focus and determination and made it happen quickly. I am proud to work with them,” said Ipek.

To support team bonding, Ipek and the local plant managers created a program to allow the Greif associates to honor their team members and work together in the local community. These activities included a team dinner to celebrate the “excellent employees of the month”, a team visit to a local orphanage, a football tournament, and a special celebration for all the female colleagues on the Women’s Day in Vietnam in October.

Ipek continued, “A strong team spirit, hard work and dedication can transform operations and performance in an incredible way.”