The GCube® IBC is the right product for the needs of our customers; our expansion plan ensures its availability to those who need it.

Past footprint developments

Since 2011 Greif has grown and developed a strong footprint for GCube® production. Once we potentiated the existing lines in Italy and Germany, the only two countries where it was produced prior to 2011, we were able to expand our market presence to Sweden, Israel, China, North America (Georgia and Illinois) and Russia year over year.

Lines – internal production

All of our new production lines have been internally engineered and produced. The know-how of our production is a value upon which we build our growth, so having the majority of our equipment produced in house is the perfect way to protect it.

New lines for new Countries

To support our mission to be the highest performing customer service company in industrial packaging, we have taken the right steps to be closer to our customers. We are happy to announce that new lines are under construction in an effort to further perpetuate our GCube footprint growth, and Europe will play a key role in the next installation’s program.

Please contact your Sales Account Manager or Luca Bettoni, IBC product manager, for more information.