Greif safeguards the quality of its steel drums, even when transported over vast distances.

What began as a standard shipment of internally lined large steel drums from Singapore to India resulted in a shipping solution that helped Greif safeguard quality and decrease customers’ costs. The geographical challenge of transporting the drums over a 5,000KM sea voyage followed by a lengthy road delivery naturally proves to be an expensive experience-one that could potentially compromise the condition of the drums.

To solve this issue and deliver a consistent product to our customers, Greif experimented with several protective materials and packing methods and adopted solutions to best preserve the quality of the drums. This solution included the arrangement of the drums within the shipping container, individual carton sleeves for 80 percent of the drums, plywood barriers and padding between drums and the anchoring of drums inside the container to minimize movement, ultimately resulting in zero rejections upon delivery.

These solutions are just one of the many ways in which Greif works to better serve our customers and it’s a solution that we’ve found has lasting results.

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