After several meetings with agrochemical customers that use cylindrical smooth-surface 1 liter plastic bottles, Greif Brazil’s engineering team found that bottles failed from mechanical collapse, due to lack of radial strength.

Leveraging learnings from the other Greif solution development projects and focusing on the challenge at hand, the Greif MONO/COEX 1 liter sustainable bottle design was born. With six rings embedded in the packaging body to provide the needed radial strength, Greif was able to reduce the product weight by 28%, optimizing design and improving strength and affordability.

“Sometimes good ideas can’t be implemented because they lack one piece of technology. So we keep these concepts in mind, and when a technology breakthrough happens, a working solution becomes possible.” said Markus Bender, Greif Brazil’s Engineering Manager.

Sharing Greif development process with customers was essential for this innovation. Customers also played an important role as well, providing their infrastructure, filling lines and products to aid in the development. “Innovation is a must for a plastic packaging supplier, and this process requires teamwork and an understanding of the end user’s needs”, said Flavio Carneiro, General Manager of Greif Brazil.

Through this collaboration, the Greif MONO/COEX 1 liter sustainable design bottle is available for purchase today. If you are facing a challenge you would like to work with Greif to resolve, please contact us today!