Re-conditioning of volumes beyond the million drums mark had ground to a halt after a fire in August last year. Once the safety of all colleagues at the plant was assured, the team’s attention immediately turned to making sure this incident had minimal impact on Greif’s customers.

Undisrupted Supply

Orders were swiftly diverted to new drums and used drum collection continued seamlessly throughout the last eight months. The Greif team co-operated closely with a few customers who were impacted but on the whole, customers were unaffected by an event which would hamper any supplier’s capability to deliver.

Global Network

Adding a high production volume to a plant in Central Europe in the middle of the holiday season is a challenge. “We were determined for this not to affect our customers”, comments Alain Sirejacob, Product Manager Steel and Reconditioning. “We were able to spread the load across our network and multinational teams pulled together to make sure we delivered.”

The Safe Choice

Despite a major incident, and thanks to its global network and customer service excellence, Greif continued to supply and collect throughout. In April, phased production in a renewed and improved facility in Rumbeke.

If you would like to know more about our steel drum recon capability and Earthminded™ Services, please contact Alain Sirejacob, Product Manager, Steel and Reconditioning.