With a growing demand for high quality infant formula and baby food, manufacturers are continuously improving their food safety controls and hygiene standards in their own facilities and throughout the entire supply chain. Industrial packaging plays a vital role due to its direct contact with the product.

Safe storage and transportation are no longer the only requirements for a big bag provider. In order to support our customers and achieve our vision of being the best packaging supplier for the infant food segment, a team of experts was assembled to contribute their knowledge and expertise to design the best possible product, the most robust quality and compliance processes and state of the art manufacturing facilities.

In the infant nutrition market, Greif offers purity of packaging materials, a unique big bag design for the protection of the product, selective barrier properties for improved storage of the filled product and compliance with relevant regulations.

Greif is also committed to not only being a reliable packaging supplier, but also a quality partner to our customers by setting the highest hygiene and food safety standards in the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) industry. A new Greif Food Safety center of excellence is currently being built in Belgium, and will feature a state of the art ISO Class 7 clean room. This project is currently in the final stages of implementation and will be completed by end of 2016.

Much like for our most sensitive customers, the stringent hygiene and compliance standards do not end within our Greif manufacturing network. The infant food team is focused on the entire supply chain. In order to be qualified to supply the components for our most sensitive applications, our suppliers are required to go through a rigorous approval process developed to address the high standards of the industry’s requirements. Our goal is for our customers to rely on Greif to ensure all components come from approved sources and eliminate the need for a separate audit.

This is only the beginning of all the positive changes happening within Greif. The team at Greif Flexibles is committed to working on improving our production network and developing unique solutions for the market in order to maintain its position at the forefront of FIBC industry.