Innovation is necessary in our industry. For over 30 years, the industry was satisfied with a standard container for acid distribution, but we said, “What if we can do it better?”

So we did.

“The P-15G drum was developed to provide safe transit of the most hazardous liquids, in the most demanding service,” explained Greif designer Jerry Geyer, the man behind the initial P-15G design. “The drum performance exceeds the requirements of the Department of Transportation for highly hazardous materials because it successfully handles corrosive and high pressure corrosive materials—and it has been doing so for years.”

Designed with flat slides, which make it easy to reuse, the P-15G has proven to be the most rugged drum on the market.

“We developed the P-15G to satisfy an unmet safety need for a customer,” continued Geyer. “It’s some of the most rewarding work I do, knowing people and the environment are safe from exposure to corrosive fluids. At the same time, these fluids are essential to progress in many areas of life, including fresh water, food production and lifesaving pharmaceutical development. The best part of my job is collaborating with customers to resolve unmet needs.”

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