Your opinion is important to Greif!

By asking questions and listening, Greif is able to better focus on their customers’ needs and wants. That is why in 2015 Greif set up a routine to survey its customers every half year.

With this feedback they have been able to focus more on the critical components like responsiveness, pro-active communication and innovations. They are in the process of improving the areas the customers indicated were important to them. Greif understands that surveys require extra effort and time, and for this reason they are making every effort to keep the survey simple and as short as possible. Filling out the survey should not take more than five minutes. Greif sincerely hopes that you will invest five minutes when the survey arrives in your inbox this April in order to help them improve the way they are doing business together with you. “The information gained from these surveys helps us better understand and respond to our customers and address their issues. We want to ensure our customers enjoy an effortless customer experience at every point along the way working with Greif,” explains Ole Rosgaard, Division President, Americas.